Cognitive Computational Neuroscience

Dr. Florence Aellen

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I have a PhD in Computer Science, a bachelor degree in mathematics and a master of science in theoretical physics all from the University of Bern. Now I am a postdoctoral fellow working on analysis of neurological data and developing new methods using deep learning.


Aellen FM, Alnes SL, Loosli F, Rossetti AO, Zubler F, De Lucia M, Tzovara A (2023) Auditory stimulation and deep learning predict awakening from coma after cardiac arrest, Brain.

Aellen F., van der Meer J., Dietmann A., Schmidt M., Bassetti C.L.A. *, Tzovara A. *, (2023) Disentangling the complex landscape of sleep-wake disorders with data-driven phenotyping: A study of the Bernese center, European Journal of Neurology, * Co-senior authors

Aellen FM, Kavis-Göktepe P, Apostolopoulos S, Tzovara A (2021). Convolutional neural networks for decoding electroencephalography responses and visualizing trial by trial changes in discriminant features, Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

Norori N, Hu Q, Aellen F, Faraci F, Tzovara A (2021). Addressing bias in big data and AI for health care: A call for open science, Patterns.