Athina Tzovara


Bellow you can find scripts for running experiments or analyzing (intracranial) EEG data, and other shared material.

Various projects:

Auditory oddball in python

Scripts to create pure tones in python and to run an auditory oddball paradigm, using pygame.

Importing Neuralynx data

Wrapper functions to import Neuralynx data in fieldtrip and transform them to .fif format, which can be then read in MNE, python. Code can be found here

R functions to plot EEG data

Some functions to import fieldtrip EEG data in R and plot event related responses.

Analysis of intracranial EEG data

Scripts for analyzing iEEG/ECoG data with fieldtrip.

How does research treat underrepresented minorities?

An openly and collectively designed survey to evaluate how members of underrepresented minorities can be better integrated in scientific research, developped in the context of Mozilla Open Leaders program. For more details please visit the project’s repository